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Saturday, December 19, 2020

Photo of the week under Weekly Contest "WILDLIFE"

Photo of the week under Weekly Contest "WILDLIFE"

SUMIT MALHOTRA (Photographer/Artist)

Under the Weekly contest titled WILDLIFE organised by Asian Photographers Group, my Work has been recognised as Photo of the Week by the selection committee. The picture showcase roar of a leopard on another while in the wildlife setting. Here's the link I am sharing which be followed by Certificate of Appreciation

Roar of Leopard

Sumit Malhotra

Sumit Malhotra

Author & Editor

Capturing the moments at its best is all about my Photography Journey since a decade. I have been through various aspects be it Photo-Journalism, Interiors/Exteriors, Sports, Wildlife or the People. The Journey changes with the flow of time and there is always a new learning.

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