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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Greetings to Chief Minister of Punjab Captain Amrinder Singh

Greetings to Chief Minister of Punjab Captain Amrinder Singh

I give my heartily congratulations to Chief Minister of Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh​ for the victory.

It was the lovely experience capturing each moment during Punjab Elections while working with #IPAC. Indian Political Action Committee​.

This video of 5 minutes unfolds the memories of campaigns like Coffee With Captain​, #halkevichcaptain, "Karza Kurki Maaf Fasal di Puri Rakam", "Har Ghar Captian" and the like.

And Most popular song of campaign(also included in video), "Chahunda Hai Punjab, Captain Di Sarkar".

Finally Punjab Da Captain​ is Captain Amrinder Singh. CONGRATULATIONS SIR.

Photography : Sumit Malhotra Photography​ Video Editing : Sumit Malhotra​
Sumit Malhotra

Sumit Malhotra

Author & Editor

Capturing the moments at its best is all about my Photography Journey since a decade. I have been through various aspects be it Photo-Journalism, Interiors/Exteriors, Sports, Wildlife or the People. The Journey changes with the flow of time and there is always a new learning.

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