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Monday, March 27, 2017

Falling of Leaves

Falling of Leaves

As the Spring Season breaks in, and Summer starts to knock, these Dry Leaves has its own Natural Beauty which tells its tale. Here in this video, you can see various Aspects of Life moving on and nobody cares to watch this Beauty Of Nature#nature #beauty #leaves #road#commuters #dailylife #chandigarh #panchkula #lensman_sumit.
Video shoot and Editing : Sumit Malhotra
Sumit Malhotra

Sumit Malhotra

Author & Editor

Capturing the moments at its best is all about my Photography Journey since a decade. I have been through various aspects be it Photo-Journalism, Interiors/Exteriors, Sports, Wildlife or the People. The Journey changes with the flow of time and there is always a new learning.

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